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Brad Pitt in a dress appreciation post.

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I’m just trying to get lunch, not have an existential crisis.

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Étude sur le phénomène de l’amour, technique mixte sur papier, 38 x 56 cm. Par Stéphanie Béliveau.

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as a man i just wanted to comment and drop my manpinion. im a guy and i agree with you, this post gets my seal of approval. as a guy i like girls better without makeup, dont worry, im a feminist too. we exist ok i am a guy. as a man on tumblr i would like to interject to tell you that i am a man and i am with you, i would totally date you. i a m a MAN this is me, a guy, dude here. 

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Saw a guy protesting winter

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me when writing an essay

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